Our Expertise

Data Collection

We understand that data is the foundation of any research project. We achieve the highest quality data by utilizing talented and experienced professionals, the most suitable data collection methods, and rigorous standards of quality control. For all our projects, we offer study design, questionnaire development, pretesting, in-house sampling, data processing, and statistical analysis.

Traditional focus groups

  • Nationwide focus groups
  • Centralized national recruiting to stringent screeners
  • Use of only the finest facilities, centrally located
  • Top flight moderators
  • Theater testing
  • Idea generation workshops
  • Use of projective techniques
  • Hand-held devices for continuous measurements tests

Online Research

  • Online surveys
  • Online focus groups
  • Online intercepts
  • Proprietary panel management
  • Webcam interviewing
  • Online journaling
  • Social network monitoring


  • Computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI)
  • Multi-lingual interviewing
  • Executive interviewers
  • Omnibus telephone surveys

Face-to-Face surveys

  • Intercept surveys (high-traffic locations such as airports, train terminals, hospitals, etc.)
  • Central location clinics (shopping malls)
  • Automotive clinics
  • Conference/Exhibit Surveys

Mail Surveys

  • Scannable as well as conventional surveys
  • Accurate data entry and verification

Mystery Shops

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Trained shoppers
  • High completion rates

Secondary Research

  • Comprehensive online & database research
  • Highlighted data
  • Written analysis and reports
  • Supplemental interviews