Economic Optimism Index November 2020

published on : 19 Nov 2020 08:06 PM
Written by : TIPP Staff

Happening Now/the Numbers: 
November’s EOI Declined By 9.4% Overall, Putting It Right At 50.0. A Reading Above 50 Signals Optimism And Below 50.0 Indicates Pessimism. The Index Was In A Strong Position Leading Into November, Thanks To Its Significant Rise (22.7%) In October.

Big Picture:

Republicans And Democrats Tend To View The Economy Positively When The President Hails From The Same Political Party. With The November Survey Taking Place Right After The Election And Joe Biden Increasingly Likely To Be The Victor, A Partisan Shift May Be Underway. 

  • Republicans’ Economic Optimism Tumbled From 74.0 To 57.9
  • Democrats’ View Of The Economy Jumped To A Nearly Break-even 49.1 From 42.5 In October And 32.9 In September.

Main Takeaway:

Despite A Blowout GDP Report At The End Of October, The U.S. Economy Grew By More Than 30% Last Quarter, 47% Of Americans Believe We Are In A Recession.

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