Americans Back Trump On Iran, Economy And Narrowly On Impeachment: IBD/TIPP Poll (Investor's Business Daily)

published on : 13 Jan 2020 03:02 PM


From Investor's Business Daily:


Americans Narrowly Oppose President Donald Trump's Impeachment And Removal From Office, The January IBD/TIPP Poll Finds. The Public Backs President Trump's Decision To Kill A Key Iranian Military Leader And Applauds His Handling Of The Economy. For A President Who Has Never Polled Particularly Well — And Whose Job Approval Rating Remains 8 Points Under Water — This Is The Equivalent Of Being On A Roll.


Support For Trump Impeachment Dips


Americans Now Oppose Trump Impeachment And Removal From Office, 50%-47%. Opinion May Have Shifted Toward The White House Over The Past Month. In December, Americans Were Evenly Split On Trump Impeachment, 49%-49%. Opinion Is Still Closely Divided And Falls Within The Margin Of Error.


The New IBD/TIPP Poll Shows Independents Now Oppose Trump's Conviction On The House-passed Articles Of Impeachment, 51%-44%.


The Senate's Trump Impeachment Trial Could Get Underway Within The Next Week Or So. As The Senate Trial Gets Underway, Opinion Could Still Shift On The House Democrats' Trump Impeachment. The House Charged Him With Obstructing Its Inquiry And Abusing His Office By Pushing Ukraine To Investigate Joe Biden While Trump Withheld Military Aid.


Support For Airstrike Against Iranian Military Leader


Americans Support The Jan. 3 Drone Attack That Killed Iranian Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani In Baghdad, By A 52%-42% Margin, The January IBD/TIPP Poll Finds.


President Trump Took A Step That His Predecessors Had Rejected With Targeted Killing Of Soleimani In Retaliation For The Death Of An American Contractor At The Hands Of An Iran-backed Militia In Iraq. So Far, The U.S. Strike Hasn't Fueled An Escalation Of The U.S.-Iran Conflict. Instead, Iran's Regime Faces An International Backlash For Accidentally Downing A Commercial Airliner.


Trump Economy Gets High Marks


Trump's Handling Of The Economy Continues To Get Good Reviews, With 50% Of Americans Giving Him A 'A' Or 'B' Grade. Just 31% Think Trump Deserves A 'D' Or 'F' Grade. While The December Jobs Report Revealed Mediocre Wage Growth And A Possible Hiring Slowdown, A 50-year Low For Unemployment And Record Highs For The Dow Jones, S&P 500 And Nasdaq Composite Give Trump Lots To Brag About.


Among Self-described Investors, 54% Approve Of Trump's Handling Of The Economy Vs. 27% Who Disapprove.


The January IBD/TIPP Poll Shows That Americans Still Aren't Broadly Convinced That The China Trade War Was Worthwhile. IBD/TIPP Poll Respondents Backed Trump's Handling Of The China Trade Issue, 41%-40%. In The Wake Of The Phase-one China Trade Deal, 47% Of Investors Are Supportive Of Trump's Efforts Vs. 40% Who Are Not. The White House Hosts A Deal-signing Ceremony On Wednesday. Opinions Could Go More Favorable If The Agreement Boosts Chinese Purchases Of U.S. Goods And Services By $200 Billion Over The Next Two Years, As The Trump Administration Says It Will.


Trump Job Approval Dips


Despite The Good News For President Trump, A Majority Of Americans Still Disapprove Of His Job Performance. In January, 43% Gave Trump A Positive Job Approval Rating, While 51% Gave Him Poor Marks. That 8-point Differential Is Flat From December's 44%-52% Split.


Disapproval Of Trump's Job Performance Is Even Higher Among Independents, With 53% Giving Him Poor Marks Vs. 41% Who Think He Merits A Good Grade.


Donald Trump Vs. Joe Biden Race Now A Tossup; Has Trump Impeachment Hurt?


Former Vice President Joe Biden Continues To Hold An Edge In The Democratic Nomination Contest, With 26% In The January IBD/TIPP Poll.


In Head-to-head General Election Polling, Each Of The Top Five Democratic Candidates — With The Exception Of Elizabeth Warren — Held Slight Edges Over President Trump. But Their Leads Were Well Within The Margin Of Error.


Joe Biden (48%-46%) And Michael Bloomberg (47%-45%), Both Led President Trump By 2 Points, While Bernie Sanders (48%-47%) And Pete Buttigieg (47%-46%) Led By One. Trump Edged Warren (47%-46%).


Biden's Lead Over Trump Is Within The Margin Of Error For The First Time, After Shrinking From 13% In August To 5% In December. Biden's Support May Have Suffered After He Got Dragged Into The Trump Impeachment Fight.


The IBD/TIPP Poll Reflects Responses From 901 Adults Contacted Via Mobile Phones And Landlines From Jan. 3-11 And Carries A 3.3-point Margin Of Error.


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