Auto Sales Decelerate as Industry Encounters the Side Effects of Success

Americans’ intent to purchase a new vehicle decelerated sharply this month, further indication that pent-up demand has largely been satisfied. The Auto Demand Index fell by 12 points, or 12%, in February to a reading of 88, the lowest since July 2017. This month marks the second straight double-digit decline in the Index, as consumers take advantage of the plethora of off-lease vehicles entering the market. Thus, TechnoMetrica anticipates that auto sales, which registered their largest decline in five months in January, will continue to plateau in the months ahead.

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IBD/TIPP Poll: Economic Optimism Hits 13-Year High On Trump Tax Cuts

The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index climbed 1.6 points to 56.7 in February, riding a wave of tax-cut-fueled pay hikes, bonuses and stock-market gains to a 13-year high.

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Best Online Brokers Survey Measures Customers' Experience

For the past six years, Investor's Business Daily and TechnoMetrica have conducted an annual study of investors' experiences with their primary online brokers. For this brokerage comparison, the study measures investors' sentiment regarding the performance of their brokers on key features and attributes. Based on the individual ratings assigned to these characteristics, an overall index is computed for each online broker. The Best Online Brokers rankings are determined by these indexes.

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U.S. Auto Sales Moderate as Replacement Demand Peaks

Consumer demand for new vehicles slowed down in January, largely due to seasonal factors, such as severe winter weather, and the satiation of pent-up demand, which have driven auto sales since the end of the recession. The Auto Demand Index declined by 13 points, or 11.5%, this month to a reading of 100, marking the first drop in the measure since September 2017. As a result, we anticipate that new vehicle sales, after a strong finish to a more restrained 2017, may have moderated somewhat at the start of the new year.

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Despite Downsides, Americans Get a Charge Out of EVs

Interest in electric vehicles is growing among Americans, though not yet at full speed, according to a survey conducted by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence in September.

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The Retial Revolution

THE MUCH-TOUTED DECLINE OF AMERICAN MALLS may actually represent an inevitable "rightsizing" of retail’s overbuilt landscape.

The United States dedicates more space to retail than any other country in the world -- five times more shopping space per capita than the United Kingdom, and 40 percent more than Canada.

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Silicon Valley’s Women Problem

Unwanted sexual advances and a cultural bias have discouraged many females from entering a career that was once considered a women’s arena.

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