TechnoMetrica, founded in 1992, is a full-service marketing research consultancy that helps businesses identify, develop and capitalize on growth opportunities. Spotting trends and synthesizing insights that are well-defined, accurate, and forward-thinking is our passion. Research is the foundation for all our endeavors.

TechnoMetrica is a thinkery. We harness the power of creative thinking in everything we do: by developing study designs that best answer research objectives; by communicating research findings with impact; by developing effective marketing strategies and new product development. Our creations are the true testimonies that reflect our depth of thinking. Our Clients are ambassadors of our reputation.

In 1996, TechnoMetrica founded TIPP – the TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics. Shortly thereafter, TIPP joined forces with Investor's Business Daily (1996 – present) – the nation's fastest-growing financial publication.

Our Values

At TechnoMetrica, we provide superior research solutions with a personal touch. Our corporate goal is complete client satisfaction on every aspect of every project we undertake. This dedication to exceptional customer service helps us build strong relationships with our clients, and the high quality of our work keeps them coming back for more. We understand the intricacies and complexities of research and the benefits of thorough and planned preparation. We know that accuracy and attention to detail are essential to every research project.

We start with objectives, defining each project in terms of client needs and applications. We establish timetables that are realistic and procedures that allow us to meet our deadlines. Most importantly, we are perfectionists. Known for our customized research expertise, we see projects through from inception to conclusion, remaining attentive to detail each step of the way. We strive constantly to improve our methodology, efficiency, and productivity.

We are determined to see that TechnoMetrica gives you maximum value for research investment. Our research staff approaches your project with a mindset that is traditional in its concepts, yet creative in its applications. We serve our clients with enthusiasm and dedication in every phase of every project, but we are particularly proud of our customer support in three areas:


To contribute to your research success, we work closely with you as an extension of your team.


We respond with prompt and courteous service. When you need us, we are there.

Customized Findings:

Our reports are clear, succinct, relevant and objective. Our reports combine graphics with easy-to-read text to enhance end-user understanding, and provide conclusions and actionable recommendations based solidly on study data and related marketplace conditions or factors.

As a result, we make our clients better by providing valuable and reliable market intelligence, empowering them to make better business decisions and increasing their competitive advantage.

TIPP is the polling unit of TechnoMetrica. To learn more about what TIPP has to offer, click here to visit our website.

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