Today we live in an Internet-driven global economy, where companies must achieve a delicate balance - develop cohesive marketing strategies that are generally unified and global in nature, yet distinct in some aspects.

A one-strategy-fits-all approach is no longer viable.  Marketing must account for regional and national differences, local customs and local conditions, customer preferences, the competitive environment,  and government regulations.  On the other hand, companies can gain significant benefits from economies of large-scale production and marketing, which points to fewer strong brands across the globe rather than numerous products.

TechnoMetrica has designed TechnoGlobal to address the needs of our clients who are interested in multi-country research using cost-effective omnibus surveys.

TechnoMetrica collaborates with leading research companies around the world for data collection.

Our U.S. based project team manages the entire study.  We ensure consistent methodology across-the-board and centralized data analysis for total quality assurance.

Our European coverage includes Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain.  In Asia, our coverage inculdes China, India and Japan.  In addition to the U.S. and Canada, we provide extensive coverage of the Latin American market.

TechnoGlobal is a flexible tool.  Clients can choose sample sizes that best address their needs.  We take care of questionnaire translation where needed and ensure representativeness of sample designs.